About the Gateway Lofts

A multi-family housing complex unlike others, providing residents on-site services and support by community service organizations and non-profits, ,located at 31 Water Street, Jamestown, NY. This project will utilize the 100,000+ of undeveloped space at the Gateway Center, the former Chautauqua Hardware factory. It will revitalize  the neighborhood around Jamestown’s medical corridor, by redeveloping a riverfront property and adding to the Chadakoin Riverwalk.  Remediation of the environmental contamination at this historic industrial relic will allow for its use for years to come.  The Project will also incorporate  energy efficiency and solar panels on the roof.  The focus of the project, however, is the people that it will help.  It is in close proximity to wrap around services (Mental Health Association, Community Helping Hands, St. Susan's Center) health care, schools, youth programs (Boys & Girls Club, YMCA), Child-care, and government agencies, providing the best possible foundation to reduce poverty, address homelessness, overcome mental health & substance abuse barriers for individuals and families.

  • Permanent, Supportive Housing for Various Populations, including homeless individuals and families, as well as youth aging out of foster care: Includes supportive services and staff. Funded by ESSHI.
  • Quality, Affordable Housing for the income-eligible. 
  • Upgrades to the entire facility and site: Upgrade and rehab to first floor non-profit space, including upgrades to parking lot, roof, flooring, general services, HVAC, lighting, playground space for residents, green space along the river.
The important benefits to all the stakeholders (the City of Jamestown, Gateway organizations, people in need of help) cannot be overstated. They include:

  • $85,000 in additional annual real estate taxes to the city
  • The project not only will prevent blight at the project site through revitalization of the Gateway Center, but will also fund the demolitions of numerous substandard dwelling units elsewhere in the city in cooperation with the Chautauqua County Land Bank and/or create a fund for rehabilitating existing housing. We are committed to working with the City of Jamestown Department of Development to create a reasonable and mutually beneficial housing mitigation plan.
  • $3 million in environmental clean up to the site and waterways, already accepted into the DEC Brownfield Clean Up program.  
  • Adaptive re-use of an existing building designated as a historic site
  • Improvement and beautification of the River Walk.
  • 56 units reserved for the homeless, including funding secured for support staff and case management.
  • A significant percentage of units reserved for youth aging out of the foster care system, those with a mental health diagnosis or substance use disorder - funding secured to provide support staff and services.
  • Elementary school aged children who live in the building will receive bus transportation to Fletcher Elementary School.
  • Significant greenspace (over 11,000 square feet) and enhanced playground amenities 
  • Proximity to medical care (the Chautauqua Center and UPMC)  and other services/programs (Boys & Girls Club)
  • QUALITY, affordable housing for families that need a stable foundation to find work, help their children do well in school and address other challenges and barriers
  • A $36 million project -- economic development in terms of jobs, other vendors and services utilized during construction. No city or county money used. This money will go somewhere in NYS (usually downstate), this would be an investment in WNY
  • The project will provide significant additional income annually to St. Susan’s to support its soup kitchen operations and expanded capacity, as well as funding to the YWCA to continue its supportive services and case management to families in need of housing.